The Extraordinary Marriage


1. What are the benefits of believing that you can create a better marriage?


2. How do you stay positive and hopeful when things get tough in your marriage?


3. What are the biggest things that ruin a marriage?


4. Can believing in yourself, help improve your marriage?


5. What are the key ingredients to having a successful marriage?



Does this sound like you?


You & your spouse.........

put up a united front for the wedding photographer,

but as soon as the honeymoon was over.................



You're back in your own home,


and all of those little annoyances and differences,

you didn't even know were there,

start to add up.  


Real life starts with.........

the division of responsibilities, work,

and paying the bills. 


Before you know it,

you're constantly fighting about all these things

and your relationship is in shambles.




It's normal to feel overwhelmed,


But it's important to remember that.....

these struggles should only be temporary.


Don't let them get out of hand.


With the right tools and techniques,

you can get past the things that are dividing you

and start enjoying one another again. 




Are you ready to Finally understand.......

Your Spouse clearly,

Dissolving conflict and frustration,

So that you can LOVE him again??



You'll find ways to build a fresh new,

Solid, more light-hearted, rewarding, 

Relationship, here!

FREE Cheat sheet

Discover 7 Habits that Happy Couples use consistently,

That keep them together for a lifetime. 

While it's normal to have disagreements, the key is to remember that healthy marriages lift you up while troubled ones tend to zap your confidence and drain your batteries. Click on the Picture for more...

You're doing everything right and it's not working! There may have been red flags while dating, but once you got married, the real deal was staring you in the face and it was scary!

 Hurting people hurt others

  Read More....

Suggestions for a better marriage

Ultimately we are all.......

 Looking to be heard, understood, and appreciated by our spouse, but sometimes there are factors that are out of our control. Things we just don't understand.

This is when we....

Need to seek help in unveiling what the root cause is.  Often our past experiences in life begin to predict our future.

Resulting in.....

Avoidable wrong choices and disappointment, failed marriages, divided families, and a lifetime of wrong choices and disappointment.



But it doesn't have to be that way!

You can change your circumstances.  Discover why you and your spouse are not getting along and how to turn it around now.

How To Save Your Marriage When It Seems Impossible

Stop the frustration, misunderstandings and energy drainers, so that you can  feel the Love again

When You Work With Me,

You'll Follow the Triple R Method


Recognize, Resolve, & Reset 


  1.  You will Recognize & Identify the key marital challenges you and your partner are facing and feel supported.
  2. Learn new ways you can Resolve the Conflict and melt away your differences.
  3. You'll use communication and connection secrets most do not know, and begin to reset your life together. 

Picture your relationship like an engine.......

 If things start running rough or stalling out,

Tune-ups or checkups may be in order for peak performance.

Making your marriage extraordinary


#1 Make sure your spouse knows that they are number one.  (sometimes the kids wiggle into this spot)  Read More.....


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Refresh hope and self-esteem, so that you can keep the home fires burning.  (Masterclass)

"How to Shower Your Spouse with Confidence & Love"


After more than four decades of marriage and a family full of kids, grandkids, laughter and tears - I know what it's like to struggle with the stress and frustration that can come along with loving people.

     Too often couples get caught up in everyday worries, losing sight of their original love connection as they become bogged down by disagreements over money, children, or the inability to see anything except their own side of things.

Your life experiences and unique personalities will bring you together or drive a wedge between you, but they don't have to.  Sometimes a few small adjustments are all it takes to get back on track and reignite the enthusiasm for life and each other.

     Through my own experience rooted in faith--which teaches me there is something good within all people--I help guide you back towards your partner, to rekindle that spark once shared between you!

Whether you are engaged, married, or even still searching for answers after a divorce, you'll find answers here. 

The Relationship Transformer,

Connie Durham

 "25 Secrets to Boost your Marital Mojo" 


Here's what people are saying.....


"I loved learning about all of the different personality types, even my husband (who honestly didn't want to do the class) LOVED it once it started!  We still yell out our personality types when they really start to show themselves! "

Nikki Duncan
Owner - My Secretary


We use it everyday! 

 In how we communicate with each and how we parent.  Knowing our differences helps us to be better communicators.  I’ve learned that my husband just needs me to be direct and say what I’m thinking or feeling vs keeping it bottled up and then exploding.  We try to take those differences and use them to balance us out.

Amee Davison - Realtor 

I though the program was very informative

"Kelly said, I did the DISC program several years ago and it helps doing it again, as years have changed the circumstances in life i.e. retirement, work, empty nest, adult children now married, etc.  It's wonderful to have different types of people in this world and know how to relate based on their personality."

Kelly Baker
KBO Credit Card Processing


The Extraordinary Marriage Vlog

John Maxwell says "Change is Inevitable. Growth is Optional."


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