The Extraordinary Marriage

Private VIP Coaching

Are you ready to have your voice heard, experience harmony in you marriage and unleash your power?

Using the proven blueprint of how people THINK - ACT - & RESPOND differently, you will transform your relationship by putting an end to the confusion and misunderstandings, raise your confidence, and fall in love with each other again.  Includes an online "Relationships Assessment"...12 Weeks of Support


(Apply) Free 40 minute fresh insights
If your relationship is frustrating, confusing, or just making you angry, I can help.

What you'll get:

  • One on one Zoom call with Connie
  • Understand the root causes
  • Identify your differences and ways you can resolve them
  • Support, Insight, Understanding
*This is very useful in conjunction with the communication class or course.  

Improve relationships with co-workers, family, and friends by understanding the needs, goals, and motivation of each and learning the ways people communicate differently. Guaranteed new insights on developing successful conflict resolution, bringing more harmony and unity.  

***INCLUDES - Relationships Assessment valued at $75... 20 Video & Digital Recordings + Worksheets. 

For a limited time - Only $97

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90% off A Couples Roadmap 

Go from feeling alone and disconnected to feeling more confident & empower by clarifying what's most important to you both.  Finish with your personal plan for the life you want to live.

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Power up your marriage in just 5 minutes a day!  You CAN bridge your differences, and turn conflict into more harmony, with this practical relationship builder.   Practice what you learn for 10 days and I promise you will see a difference. 

One short email each day for 10 days with a 7 minute audio recording. 

Just $18