The Extraordinary Marriage

 There are two major contributors that cause

division in marriage. 


#1 The baggage we bring from our past

#2 How our personality styles gel


Each person deals with stress, fear, and anxiety differently. 

To often we release our frustrations, on those we love the most.  

  • Some worry quietly and inwardly
  • Some ignore their feelings 
  • Some Explode outwardly all over everyone in their path
  • Some totally withdraw

No matter how we deal with it, it effects our health, outlook, and those around us.


I help women understand and transform the hidden pitfalls of marriage that everyone encounters.


You discover the secret formula that turns your differences into appreciation, attraction, and a brand-new partnership.

Are you ready to reignite the passion and love in your relationship, that's born of trust, confidence, and support, so that you can live joyfully, feel loved, and experience your best life?

If you're answers YES!  You are in the right Place!

The Relationship Transformer, Connie Durham

Hi I'm Connie, In the beginning,

life was pretty easy.

My husband was easy going, supportive and since he was non-confrontational, I was too.  We raised our 3 kids in the same way we were raised, rewarding good behavior, and in turn, we got more of what we gave attention to.

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Fast Forward

All three of our kids got married

in 18 months and life began to change. 


We found that:

All families are not alike

and we each bring different life experiences,

traditions, and personality styles into our marriage.


As we dealt with these challenges,

I used my 40 + years of marriage

and the behavior science, that I'd learned 19 years before, 

of how people think, act, and respond differently,

to understand those differences.   


It made  a BIG difference, and it will make a big difference for you too!

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 Here's our family today

We have a blended family with 3 married kids and 14 grandkids. 

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Wouldn't you like to know more.....


Whether you are here as a high achiever who always wants the best for your family or you're looking for a listening ear, hope, or solutions, you'll find it here.

"The Best things in Life are the People we Love, the places we've been, and the memories we've made along the way."

I like to say Happy Couples = Happier Kids

With Caring and Support,

Connie Durham


Here's the place to start.

Get... 7 Powerful Practices to use for an Extraordinary Marriage 

E-Mail - [email protected] 
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