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"The Extraordinary Marriage"

Hi I'm Connie, In the beginning,

life was pretty easy.

My husband was easy going, supportive and since he was non-confrontational, I was too.  We raised our 3 kids in the same way we were raised, rewarding good behavior, and in turn, we got more of what we gave attention to.

(Yes!  This is an old picture)

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Fast Forward


All three of our kids got married

in 18 months and life began to change.

We found that: 


Every family is unique, with diverse

life experiences, traditions, and personalities

that shape their future.


When faced with challenges,


I tapped into my own years of marriage


and applied the knowledge I gained

from studying the science of human behaviors

19 years before.


This understanding

of how people think, act, respond,

and communicate differently,

proved invaluable.


The impact was significant,

and I assure you

that it will also have a profound effect

on your family too!


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 Here's our family today

Jeff and I

have been married over 40 years

and have a blended family with our 3 married kids and 14 grandkids. 

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We are empty nesters with a passion in building happy healthy marriages.  

Happy Healthy Families 

Prove to be...

The Foundation of everything else...

and in raising confident, thoughtful,

well balanced children.


"The Best things in Life are the People we Love, the places we've been, and the memories we've made along the way."

With Caring and Support,

The Relationship Transformer

Connie Durham


Here's the place to start.

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Extraordinary Marriage


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