The Extraordinary Marriage

Love Attraction?

Sometimes we have to go back to the beginning and remember what brought us together!  

"The Extraordinary Marriage" Podcast coming 11/2/2023

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The Middle & Marriage - Maren Morris

One of the major keys in getting along with your spouse is...meeting in the middle.  For some, this is hard because their way is the only way, as far as they can see.  This is definitely an issue that causes conflict and frustration for many. 

How can you possibly get past this?


One exercise is to sit down together and visualize putting on the shoes of your spouse.  Grab a piece of paper and make two columns.  One column says, ME and the other column says MY SPOUSE.  Answer these questions, and then trade papers.  Talk about it. 


1st column: Write what you feel your day looks like

2nd column: Write what you THINK your spouses day looks like

  1. What's life look like when they get up in the morning?
  2. Is life interesting, demanding, or stressful?
  3. What do they do all day.....could be insanely busy or even bord
  4. Do they get what they need most?  Support - Acceptance - A challenged - Some fun
  5. How do you think you greet your...
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How to be your BEST marriage

We take 7 strategies share by Brendon Burchard and apply them to marriage.

Here's the link for after you watch...if you'd like a helping hand. 



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