The Extraordinary Marriage

Realistic Thinking....Part of Thinking for a Change

leadership skills Jun 23, 2020

Thinking for yourself can be a new skill!  We get so used to following the crowd or someone else telling us what we should do, that we relax the ole Brain and just count on others.  This blog is taken from John Maxwell's Book.  "Thinking for a Change" and focuses on being Realistic.

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5 Tips to Unleash Focused thinking #6

leadership skills May 12, 2020

A confused mind does........Nothing!  How can you learn to focus and get more done daily?  You can do it if you will put in the effort.



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Finding your BEST Career!

Students often go to school for the wrong career! 

Sometimes it's something a parent wants them to do or they literally have dreamed of it for years only to find out that it is not their cup of tea.  Then, they are in the middle of it.

Career Insights is a behavior & communication assessment that enlightens you on the careers you'd be good at and would most likely enjoy.  (As long as you're working with good people of course.)  


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Do you have BIG Picture THINKING? #5

leadership skills Apr 23, 2020

Let's look at the ways you can create more possibilities, opportunities, Vision. It begins with exploring how you think.

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Thinking for a Change - MAKE a Change #4

leadership skills Apr 16, 2020


Awareness is 90%.  What Thought changes do you need to make.  What will changing your thinking do you today and tomorrow?

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Thinking for a Change #3 Bashful to Confident

leadership skills Apr 09, 2020

"Everyone thinks of Changing the World.....but no one thinks of changing themselves"  Leo Tolstoy

Do you think for yourself or follow the attitudes of others?  What does thinking for yourself look like?  What does changed thinking looks like.


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Thinking for a Change #2 Helpless?

leadership skills Mar 29, 2020

Second week of thinking for a change ........ What kind of thinking do you have and what can you do about it?  Ok......lead by a nose ring was a little weird.........takes about 15 seconds to get going.

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Words that make your Attitude

The words that come from your mouth daily form your Attitude. Change your words, change your thoughts, change your future.

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Building your Ladder of Success....not just climbing.

leadership skills Mar 29, 2020

What must you move past to begin building your skills and building your ladder of success? To often we just plan on moving straight up, but success is build one rung at a time.

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Business Perspective on Maintaining & moving into Creating.

leadership skills Mar 29, 2020

Time to stop just maintaining and move your business forward.  It's up to you.

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