The Extraordinary Marriage
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Extraordinary Marriage



Host - Connie Durham

Atlanta, Georgia 


 Discover real life stories that encourage

and find a path to overcome the pitfalls

every marriage encounters.

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GA Football & Fatherhood

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Finding Harmony

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Navigating Divorce 

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Marriage, Security and...

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Trudy Cathy White

Virtuous Family Values

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Flexible & Forgiving 


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Moolah Management


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Growing up Military 

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What IS Communication?

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Debonair, Duty, & Dynamics


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Real, Resilient, Rare Mom of 7

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How to Refill your Love Tank

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Relationship Phycology

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 10 Deadly Sins that will Crush your Marriage

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Overcoming Narcissism

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Is it important to LIKE your spouse?  Yes!!!

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Leap Day Marital Tranquility

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Dazzle, Delight, & Discovery

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What's the Crazy Cycle?

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Let's Get Real (Working Moms)

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Men vs Women

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Purposeful Parenting No-Problem

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Learn the Communication styles through Private Coaching

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Marriage Makeover

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Creating Vision in Marriage

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Creating the W.I.N. in Your Marriage

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Finding love while performing

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2 0 2 3

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Ways to Improve your Marriage

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Life, Love, & Christian Ministry 

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How to have Happy Family Get-Togethers

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Michelle Tascoe

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The Extraordinary Marriage

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Raising Kids

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Life Mastery - MK National

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Fast Lane with TV Producer Angel Tuccy

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Cultivating Unity

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Personal Relationship & Communication Styles Assessment

November 2023

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Wisdom & Stylist

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The Power of Love Languages

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RV Living & Vision

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The Early Years

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Meet The Host

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Connie Durham
Relationship Transformer

Connie's devoted to lighting the load of marriage, kids, and all the responsibilities that go with it. She shares the importance of becoming aware of your ups and downs in marriage and, gives you ways to find... or regain the affection and appreciation you desire, using her passion and love for families, years of experience, and the tried and true method of understanding different personalities. 


Jeff Durham

Husband and Supporter

Jeff's a true servant, listener, and supporter!  He serves as Worship leader at Lisbon Baptist, where he leads the choir, teaches Bible study, and loves on the congregation.  Kids call him Superman, he's always there when you need him, and he's a Georgia Football Enthusiast.  Co-host the 1st week each month.


The little things you do every day have a greater impact on others than you might think. 

A smile, rather than a frown, can make someone's day.

A kind word instead of criticism lifts an individual's spirits rather than dragging him down. 

-John Maxwell

Your Marriage Matters!


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