The Extraordinary Marriage

How to Affair Proof your Marriage

Lisa Roer talks with Connie on the Sunshine Cafe Podcast about the important way she found to connect and stay close with her spouse.


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How Can I Make my Husband Happy?

You may find this ooey gooey but these words are from a wise... but very strong woman, Tiffany Wicks.

Look for her full episode on "The Extraordinary Marriage Podcast", Episode 26... where she and Host Connie Durham spill the beans on how you can find the determination to make your marriage work. 

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How to build mutual respect in marriage

Here's a clip from EPS 5 on "The Extraordinary Marriage Podcast", on Apple, Spotify, and Amazon. Marriage is a touchy subject that no one wants to talk about. Find people to relate to, ways to make your marriage better, and tap into better communication. The Relationship Transformer, Connie Durham


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