The Extraordinary Marriage

How to Affair Proof your Marriage

Lisa Roer talks with Connie on the Sunshine Cafe Podcast about the important way she found to connect and stay close with her spouse.


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10 Deadly Sins that will Crush your Marriage

As you know, I began a Podcast in November of 2023.  It's on Apple and Spotify + YouTube.

  I say, that you can only exhibit the habits and qualities that you've seen and experienced in life.  We're all parrots.  We repeat and act out all that we've seen in life. 

For some... that's good, but for others, what they've seen and experienced, follow them all through life.  Bad habits, they don't even realize are ruining their life (And the people around them.).  There is hope.  Let's figure it out.

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To the Nines Podcast: Eps 40 with Tiffany & Connie

Build yourself up. Learn something new. Adding new relationships and skills can enhance your most intimate relationships. Listen to this weeks episode that talks all about relationships with Connie Durham host of The Extraordinary Marriage podcast.

Tiffany Wikes - To the Nines Podcast

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 To the Nines Podcast: 40. Connie Durham on Your Relationship with Your Spouse, Food, and Self on Apple Podcasts

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Chalk talk with Connie & Michelle on MONEY Mindset

Are you a slave to your finances? Join Michelle and I for tips on stemming the tide of financial burden, so that money no longer rules over your life!

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Parenting & Marriage with Jaci & Connie

Happy Marriages most often produce well adjusted, confident kids.  I share valuable communication tips, many years of marriage, and ways you can enrich your marriage.  Happy Couples = Happier Kids

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Better Communication for Thriving Families with Susi Vine

Thank you Susi Vine for the opportunity to share on your

"Happified, 3X Less Stress" Podcast.

Many families struggle with seeing eye to eye.  Sometimes it's the different expectations we put on each other or lack of quality time together.  If we want more, then we have to pay attention to each other and do more.  You'll find 5  to 10 ways you can show you care in this podcast.  (40 minutes)



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