The Extraordinary Marriage

3 Morale Lifters for MOM

moms May 11, 2023

Now that you got a little morale lift, are you ready to take your family from bickering and divided to picturesque,  awesome, and perfect?  OK....well, maybe not necessarily perfect....or picturesque, but better than where you are now?  Grab the 3 part series below. 

Discover 20 Ways to Unite your Family

Connie Durham

The Extraordinary Marriage Coach

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MOM! 12 Tips to Empower YOU!!

moms May 09, 2020

Mom's Have a most important job!  You are Important!  Embrace who you are and learn to Fill your Cup for a happier life!

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How to get along Better with People

moms relationships Jan 31, 2020

Sometimes a Little Change makes a Big Difference.

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