The Extraordinary Marriage

The Past & Conflicting Personalities Cause Havoc in Families


 While it's normal to have disagreements, the key is to remember that healthy marriages lift you up while troubled ones tend to zap your confidence and drain your batteries.


You can't change the past


But you can create a better future


I believe there are three things

that color how we see

the world and make decisions.


#1 Our belief in God as the creator - God's word (The Holy Bible) is the guide that forgives, heals and keeps us out of troubling situations.  

(If you're atheist or believe the universe created it's self....

don't leave me, I'm not going to preach to you)

#2 You're PAST experiences from childhood, choices as a teenager and young adult, along with all the close friends in your life, made you who you are today. 

As humans we need to be heard, understood, and appreciated. 

#3  According to your Personality style, (behavior style) you and your spouse have different needs, emotions, abilities, and preferences in life.  Start by identifying both of your personality styles, and making some tweaks, this is one of the top problems in marriage and the first way of alleviating conflict.

  • Often opposites attract and then crush each other
  • We assume we want the same things, but don't
  • Every misunderstanding causes more division
  • You begin to resolve conflict as you understand your differences