The Extraordinary Marriage

You may say......

I'm doing everything right but it's not working


 You may say.......

There were red flags when you were dating


Hurting people hurt others


Did you dream of that perfect marriage,

but once you were married,

the real deal was staring you in the face,

and it was scary.

 I've seen this first hand


If your spouse grew up in a family with abusive behavior like alcohol, drugs, physical or mental abuse, or even divorced parents, they more than likely, have some issues.  

Time may mend, but seeking help speeds up the process.  


#1 - Your spouse can not exhibit behavior that's never been modeled for them before.

#2 - Know, that it's not your fault.

#3 - Seek help now instead of waiting till it's too late. (I suggest Christian Counseling, because they care about keeping families together.)


You know that ole saying.......

You are like the 5 people you hang around with the most?

 Well, take a look at yourself, then look at your spouse. 

Do you find it's true?


Let me ask, What do you remember about childhood?

What kind of values were instilled in you by your parents? 

How would your spouse answer those questions?

We can only imitate what we've seen. 


So again I say......

"You can only exhibit the behavior you have witnessed in your life." 

What were your experiences?

What did your spouses family life look like?

These factors feed into who we are and how we handle the pressures of life.


Signs of a failing marriage


  • You & Your Spouse Never Listen to each other
  • You Find Yourself Constantly Arguing         
  • You're Stressed When Your Spouse is Around
  • You Feel Disrespected 
  • You Feel Contempt Towards Your Spouse
  • You Stopped Making Time for One Another 

Over time all of these things run together, resulting in division, discontentment, and 50% of the time, divorce.

It doesn't have to be that way!