The Extraordinary Marriage



#1 Make sure your spouse knows that they are number one.  (sometimes the kids wiggle into this spot)

#2 Lift and Support one another by truly listening, encouraging, and affirming.

#3 Turn up the communication by talking about your day, ideas for your future, and yes.....even feelings.

#4 This is a BIG one, don't sweat the small stuff, (and do know the difference) and be forgiving. much does this REALLY matter?

#5 Build trust by keeping your word and lean into each other, acknowledging the things you are each good at.

Be the person you want them to be.  Be kind, thoughtful and helpful.  It's important that you LIKE your SPOUSE, and you want them to like you too!

"To keep a lamp burning, we have to keep putting oil in it"

Mother Teresa


Tap into your Inner Wisdom

#1   Believe anything is possible and look for evidence to support this belief.

#2  Practice getting still to connect with the quiet place within yourself.

#3  Learn to ask simple, yet profound questions that will lead you home to your heart.

#4  Listen for the answers and trust that they are coming from a very wise place.

#5  See with new eyes, hear with new ears, and experience fresh ways of thinking.

#6  Let your intuition guide you to act on what you know.

#7  Feel the riches and abundance of life by recognizing everything as a gift.

#8  Generously be of service to others.

From the book "Dreams are whispers from the soul"  Marcia Wieder



Show Your Spouse

You Care


#1  Give full attention to the person talking
#2  Give more than you take
#3  Be sure you know one another's LOVE Languages and use them
#4  Put down your devices when you're having time together
#5  Use the ancient word, Thank You often